BYOD, Community – And an upcoming Webinar

by Pamela Livingston on October 24, 2013

When invited to visit 1-to-1 schools, I pose two overarching questions – How are students involved in 1-to-1 here? How is 1-to-1 growing your learning community?

These questions become important with a program with school-supplied or school-recommended digital devices – and even more so with BYOD programs. Because if you are expecting everyone to supply their own device for learning, you need to:

  1. Make sure students are fully involved and onboard right away. Bring students into committees and have them part of surveys and the planning, ask their opinions as experts.  They reside in the digital world and are your most impacted stakeholders in terms of their current and future academic, career, professional and personal lives. And keep asking them, many times – formally and informally. Follow up on their ideas and suggestions. If BYOD is bought in as a strategy by the students who understand your respect and understanding of them and who realize the entire program was built with their buy-in and feedback – you will have tee’ed up your program for success.


  1. Schools needs to be brought together with technology not segmented into classroom silos of technology. Teachers need to choose classroom tools – but the school should have an overarching online community for social learning where everyone can communicate and collaborate in whole-school groups, in whole-grade groups, in whole classroom groups, and in project-based groups. This should be the same social community not a different one in each classroom, grade level, division, or school. Build and grow your online social learning community with your students so they have uniformity and connectivity as they move through your educational institution – and so that teachers can have a place for their PLCs and adult professional discussion forums year-after-year.

I’d like to invite you to join Lord Knight, Neus Lorenzo, Leslie Wilson and myself to hear our thoughts on 1-to-1 The Next Wave and why we think we’re poised at this very moment for some exciting things on the 1-to-1 front. Sign up here:

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