Learning Sciences International is very excited to be working with you (Pamela Livingston) again on the development of our online 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series. Your expertise in the effective use of technology in instruction adds additional value and substance to our online courses and graduate programs.

 – Justin Detig, Learning Sciences International

Our school found Pamela’s book invaluable when preparing for 1-to-1 laptops. When she visited in person she made a perceptive assessment of our technology strengths and weaknesses, and gave us excellent advice for moving forward with educational technology in the long term.

  – Paul Sanderson, Education Technology Coordinator, Seoul Foreign School


Pamela’s interest and expertise is in helping educators learn the empowering tools and techniques of 21st Century technology while considering the realities of the busy classroom. As an educator, she knows the joys and the challenges of teaching in technology-rich environments. As a researcher and author, she speaks to hundreds of teachers to ask them what it’s really like to teach this generation of digital kids. As a manager of products for the K-12 market, she’s current on the applications and needs of teachers, administrators and schools. She’s conducted site visits, workshops and given presentations in the U.S. and overseas.

Pamela spent the past twenty years supporting technology-using teachers as a teacher and technology director at charter, independent and public schools. A frequent presenter and keynote at national conferences such as the National Educational Computer Conference, The Laptop Institute in Memphis, the Laptop Institute in South Dakota, The Pennsylvania State One-to-One Conference and the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation leadership summits, she also works onsite to analyze, observe and  provide advice for U.S. and international schools, districts, and corporations considering or expanding 1-to-1 learning. She has given keynotes and/or consulted in Australia, Canada, China, Israel, South Korea and Spain.

Her book 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work, is a result of interviewing laptop educators around the U.S., reviewing studies and best practices on the 1-to-1 classroom, and experience overseeing the the laptop program at The Peck School. This book is published by the International Society for Technology.

Pamela holds a B.S. in computer systems and an M.S. in education technology.

Please contact Pamela for more information about how your educational technology goals can be realized.