Consulting, Presentations, Keynotes, and Writing Services


  • Assisting schools and districts to identify and set vision for technology or 1-to-1 implementation
  • Assisting the formulation of a unique, mission-driven 1-to-1 or technology vision
  • Identifying key stakeholders and helping select vision committee participants
  • Planning and facilitating meetings
  • Helping stakeholders form consensus
  • Providing minutes, progress reports, proposals
  • Designing and sending surveys of teachers
  • Conducting focus groups of faculty, administrators, students, parents and community members
  • Developing detailed reports and recommendations following on site focus groups, presentations and observations
  • Facilitating presentations and communication to all stakeholders
  • Helping leaders with the unique issues of technology

Technology Capacity Analysis

  • Evaluating current technology for technology or 1-to-1 needs including the selection of platform, software, and network
  • Creating or evaluating Requests for Proposal documents
  • Liaison with systems integrators, hardware/software/network vendo
  • Documenting plans and reports on deployment and progress


  • Helping oversee the deployment of hardware, software, and network products
  • Continual reporting, documentation, and oversight of the process


  • Surveys and interviews of key stakeholders including teachers, administrators, staff, students, and parents
  • Thorough review of growth and progress indicators such as attendance, curriculum, test scores
  • Written report of assessment of program including commendations and recommendations


  • Addressing schools, districts, or conferences on the current state of 1-to-1 in schools and on Web 2.0 for teaching and learning.